Kristie Colón

Kristie is one of those clients every designer dreams of getting. Not only does she provide he most unsightly content, but she has a mission and vision for people that bring life, perspective, stories and authenticity. She believe in the power of story to bring us together and remind us we’re not alone. I was honored to tackle her new brand. 

Her super powers include occasional wit, sarcasm, and saying what everyone else is thinking. She love asking questions, like, “What the hell is going on?” and “Does anybody else feel this way?” and also, “Anthropolgie is having a SALE?!” She's spunky, creative, talented, and her writing is sure to make your day. 

The best things happen in the mess,and chaos is only the beginning.

Creatiff had the opportunity to design some instagram templates for her new brand, so that she can easily exchange them as she writes new posts, wants to share a quote, or just make sure her instagram page (and social media pages) look consistent and sharp. 

See our branding guide below for the colors, logo options and fonts we thought worked best.